Phyllis has asked Michael to push her father's wheelchair down the aisle at her wedding, a role that she gave him to secure six weeks off for her honeymoon. Pam is upset that many details of Phyllis's wedding, from the invitations to the wedding gown, were copied from her cancelled wedding. 
During the procession, Michael becomes petulant when Phyllis's father "upstages" him by walking under his own power. Goaded by Jim, Dwight hunts down wedding crashers. He ousts Phyllis's Uncle Al, who fails to pass Dwight's questioning due to dementia. 
Michael makes several attempts to recapture the limelight, including an embarrassing toast at the wedding banquet, which gets him kicked out of the reception hall by Phyllis's husband Bob Vance. Dwight doesn't let him re-enter, and Michael must sit outside listening to Uncle Al's ramblings. 
Pam stares as Jim and Karen dance together, and when Jim catches her eye, his face turns to sadness as she walks away. Roy pays the band (the Kevin-led "Scrantonicity") $20 to play his and Pam's song ("You Were Meant For Me"). The two dance and leave together to Jim's obvious dismay. 
When Phyllis leaves the reception hall with Bob Vance, she thanks Michael for finding her Uncle Al, and the newlyweds ride off in a Vance Refrigeration van.

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