The self-proclaimed killer of the two bridge people, the nine Mexicans in the desert, and the abductor of Maria, tells Frye he will kill Maria unless he gets $1,000,000 from four rich Americans, including Charlotte's deceased husband. She then goes to the El Paso police station to answer questions, including ones from Marco. Later, his family visits with him at the station, and he introduces them to Sonya. After the funeral, Charlotte has a discussion with her deceased husband's "business partner". When Charlotte refuses to deal with this woman, there are severe repercussions. Meanwhile, Marco visits with Charlotte, seeking her help in clarifying the circumstances surrounding his permitting her and her dying husband through the closed off crime scene on the bridge. They then end up being intimate. Later, while Sonya is investigating the dead immigrants' crime scene, she notices Linder's trailer in the distance and goes over to investigate. Marco and Sonya bring him in for questioning, but release him after brief questioning. Frye goes to Mexico, with fellow reporter Adriana Perez, to talk to the people behind the Mexican immigrant racket. The unidentified killer, who has Maria, ties her to stakes in the ground in the desert, and sets up a web feed to Frye's newspaper.

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