Tim and Mike are through to the quarter finals of Robot Wars, but a conflict with Dexter, a rival at Mike's local TA, may jeopardize their chances. Daisy lands a job in the kitchen of a restaurant, and immediately comes into conflict with the quietly evil manageress. Daisy's entire experience in the kitchen mirrors McMurphy's experiences in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Meanwhile, Brian struggles to prepare an artistic installation at a trendy gallery. In order to triumph against their foes, Tim and Mike must enter the dark underworld of Robot Wars by competing in a local group called "Robot Club", spoofing Fight Club. Plunderbird 4, Cerberus, King Buxton, Hard Cheese and Invertabrat, contestants from Robot Wars, make an appearance.

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Spaced Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Back Feb 23, 2001
2:2 Change Mar 2, 2001
2:3 Mettle Mar 9, 2001
2:4 Help Mar 23, 2001
2:5 Gone Mar 30, 2001
2:6 Dissolution Apr 6, 2001
2:7 Leaves Apr 13, 2001