After suffering a massive seizure, Nate is taken to the hospital. As Nate undergoes surgery, tension ensues between Maggie and Brenda in the waiting room. Elsewhere, Ruth is still camping in the wildnerness with Hiram and is completely oblivious to what is happening with her family in L.A.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It refers to these television series...

Project Runway

This Television Series is referred to by Ecotone part of Six Feet Under Season 5
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It plays these songs...

To Live Is To Fly
performed by Townes van Zandt

This Song is played in Ecotone part of Six Feet Under Season 5
This song is heard during a flashback with Nate and Maggie. It was the same song playing when Nate originally went over to give Maggie a ride in the previous episode.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Six Feet Under Season 5

# Title Air Date
Six Feet Under
5:1 A Coat of White Primer Jun 6, 2005
5:2 Dancing for Me Jun 13, 2005
5:3 Hold My Hand Jun 20, 2005
5:4 Time Flies Jun 27, 2005
5:5 Eat a Peach Jul 4, 2005
5:6 The Rainbow of Her Reasons Jul 10, 2005
5:7 The Silence Jul 17, 2005
5:8 Singing for Our Lives Jul 24, 2005
5:9 Ecotone Jul 31, 2005
5:10 All Alone Aug 7, 2005
5:11 Static Aug 14, 2005
5:12 Everyone's Waiting Aug 21, 2005