In a flashback, Jimmy works in the mailroom at HHM. Jimmy asks Kim to open his bar exam results; he passes and she kisses him on the lips. Jimmy then shows Chuck his results and explains that he studied law via distance learning from the "University of American Samoa". Chuck seems to be happy for him. After, there is a small mailroom party to celebrate, but Howard tells Jimmy that HHM refuses to hire him as an attorney. In 2002, Hamlin holds a press conference to announce Craig Kettleman's plea deal, as Jimmy visits clients at a senior care home called Sandpiper Crossing. Jimmy visits a client, discovering that Sandpiper is overcharging her. Jimmy returns to Chuck's house, and points out fraud by Sandpiper Crossing. Chuck tells Jimmy he needs more information, Jimmy returns to Sandpiper, but is forcibly thrown out. Meanwhile, Mike receives a call from Stacey, asking him to babysit Kaylee. Later that night, Jimmy searches the Sandpiper's dumpster for shredded documents. He brings bags of the shredded documents to Chuck's house, but makes no progress and falls asleep. Chuck manages to put some of the documents together, which proves Sandpiper's guilt. Mike meanwhile spends the day with Kaylee, and is asked by Stacey what she should do with the money Matty accepted. Mike tells her to spend it and returns to the vet for a job. Jimmy meanwhile sets up a meeting with Sandpiper's lawyers at Chuck's house, and Chuck demands 20 million dollars from them. After, Chuck explains he sees a way to win which Jimmy is visibly ecstatic. The next day, Jimmy returns to Chuck's house with new client files and naps on his sofa. Chuck absentmindedly walks outside to Jimmy's car to grab some documents Jimmy forgot, and they stand outside in amazement.

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Better Call Saul Season 1

# Title Air Date
Better Call Saul
1:1 Uno Feb 8, 2015
1:2 Mijo Feb 9, 2015
1:3 Nacho Feb 16, 2015
1:4 Hero Feb 23, 2015
1:5 Alpine Shepherd Boy Mar 2, 2015
1:6 Five-O Mar 9, 2015
1:7 Bingo Mar 16, 2015
1:8 RICO Mar 23, 2015
1:9 Pimento Mar 30, 2015
1:10 Marco Apr 6, 2015




  • Date:
  • Type: Movie

performed by Prince

  • Date:
  • Type: Song

performed by Banda El Recodo De Cruz Liza´rraga






performed by Eli "Paperboy" Reed


performed by Justin Roberts

performed by Kill The Noise and Skrillex; features Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos


performed by Denzel Curry



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