Dre takes an instant dislike to Zoey's first serious boyfriend, a worldly teen from France.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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performed by Pharrell Williams

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This Song is played in Andre From Marseille part of Black-ish Season 1
The song 'Happy' plays on the radio in the car when Dre is taking Zoey to school.

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This Movie Series is referred to by Andre From Marseille part of Black-ish Season 1
When Andre Jr. reveals that he has uncovered information about Andre from Marseille's new girlfriend, Dre asks if Andre Jr. is Jason Bourne, proud of his son's skills.
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This Movie is referred to by Andre From Marseille part of Black-ish Season 1
When Dre spots a gray hair on Bow, in a very personal area, he teases her. Bow asks Dre if she made fun of him when he gained 40 pounds. Dre replies that 1. He only gained 30 pounds and 2. Yes. She did make fun of him by calling him "Flubber".
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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Black-ish Season 1

# Title Air Date
1:1 Pilot Sep 24, 2014
1:2 The Talk Oct 1, 2014
1:3 The Nod Oct 8, 2014
1:4 Crazy Mom Oct 15, 2014
1:5 Crime and Punishment Oct 22, 2014
1:6 The Prank King Oct 29, 2014
1:7 The Gift of Hunger Nov 12, 2014
1:8 Oedipal Triangle Nov 19, 2014
1:9 Colored Commentary Dec 3, 2014
1:10 Black Santa/White Christmas Dec 10, 2014
1:12 Martin Luther SKiing Day Jan 4, 2015
1:11 Law of Attraction Jan 7, 2015
1:13 Big Night, Big Fight Feb 11, 2015
1:14 Andre From Marseille Feb 18, 2015
1:15 The Dozens Feb 25, 2015
1:16 Parental Guidance Mar 4, 2015