Reddington asks Naomi for information about Jennifer and makes preparations to relocate Naomi and her husband, Frank. After being rebuffed by Naomi, Reddington uses his double agent Mr. Vargas to steal a dog from Frank's mistress, and blackmails Frank into starting his life over with Naomi. Meanwhile, the Task Force is directed by Reddington into investigating a bank shooting in Reston. During the spike of apparent "random violent crimes," all of the listed suspects were civilians with no prior criminal records, having been manipulated to violently act out at their breaking point. Cooper directs the Task Force into investigating black operations budgets funding mind-control projects. Utilizing a code-breaker suggested by Samar, Reddington and Liz bring a heavily redacted report given by Senator Sheridan for decoding. The decoding of the documents leads the Task Force into identifying social psychologist Dr. Linus Creel (David Costabile). Creel had been engineering the violent acts in order to publish his research regarding genetic screening, going far enough to martyr himself. The Task Force apprehends a college student attempting to kill Creel, only for Liz to be held hostage by Creel. During the stand-off, a sniper in Reddington's employment kills Creel, having been revealed as Liz's motel neighbor in the previous episode. Liz heads to the remote cabin where Naomi is staying, and attempts to question her about her past with Reddington to no avail. Before leaving, Naomi reveals privately to Reddington that Jennifer left on her own accord. The episode ends in what appears to be an old warehouse with Liz contemplating a locked door with a ring of keys in her hand.

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The Blacklist Season 2

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The Blacklist
2:1 Lord Baltimore Sep 22, 2014
2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank Sep 29, 2014
2:3 Dr. James Covington Oct 6, 2014
2:4 Dr. Linus Creel Oct 13, 2014
2:5 The Front Oct 20, 2014
2:6 The Mombasa Cartel Oct 27, 2014
2:7 The Scimitar Nov 3, 2014
2:8 The Decembrist Nov 10, 2014
2:9 Luther Braxton Feb 1, 2015
2:10 Luther Braxton: Conclusion Feb 5, 2015
2:11 Ruslan Desinov Feb 12, 2015
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2:13 The Deer Hunter Feb 26, 2015
2:14 T. Earl King VI Mar 5, 2015
2:15 The Major Mar 12, 2015
2:16 Tom Keen Mar 19, 2015
2:19 Leonard Caul Apr 23, 2015