"Dad to the Bone" 
This advert shows a dad whos 50% prankster, and 50% jerk. 
* He keeps his son out of the car by continually locking and unlocking the door on him 
* He blows his leaves into his neighbor's yard while the neighbor is working on raking 
* He turns up the radio while his mom is trying to talk to him 
* He sprays his wife with the hose while washing the car

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Simply being told about it doesn't allow you not to remember. 
The special edition Camry RZ. We bring out the bad in dad. 
On the day I was born 
The nurses all gathered 'round 
And they gazed in wide wonder 
At the joy they had found 
The head nurse spoke up 
Said "leave this one alone" 
She could tell right away 
That I was bad to the bone. 
Bad to the bone 
Bad to the bone 
Bad to the bone

Written Text

Special Edition Camry RZ 
Oh what a feeling! 

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