"Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." 
This is the "uncensored" commercial you were supposed to see in the 2014 Super Bowl. Unfortunately, since the ad specifically mentioned Coca-Cola and Pepsi (traditionally two of the biggest Big Game advertisers) in a negative light, they had to cut out the direct mention to these brands from the ad that actually aired on TV. 
The commercial begins with Scarlett Johansson in the dressing room wearing a white robe. She tells us about how easy it is to make your own soda (pop) at home and it's healthier and better for the environment. She wishes she could make this message go viral, and then sheds her robe to reveal a sexy black dress underneath.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Scarlett: Like most actors, my real job is saving the world. Start with plain water, add bubbles, mix in a perfect flavor. Look, soda that's better for you and all of us. Less sugar. Less bottles. If only I could make this message go viral. 
Announcer: Whoa, whoa, you're doing it Scarlett. Yeah, you're doin' it. Changing the world one sip at a time. 
Scarlett: Sorry Coke and Pepsi. 
Announcer: Oh yeah, she done it. SodaStream.

Written Text

SodaStream, Soda Stream

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