"Squarespace - A Better Web Awaits (:60)" 
This 2014 Super Bowl from Internet services company, Squarespace, features all the terrible things (or maybe you like some of them) that "attack" you on the web such as: 
* Face swapping - a baby and a dad 
* Lame Memes - Joseph Ducreux 
* Web Site Visitor Counters 
* Stock photos with "X" watermarks over them 
* Sexy singles ads 
* A muscle builder web ad saying "click here" 
* Fake virus scan ads 
* Annoying "Friends" who want you to "Like" all their pictures 
* People shouting out their deals 
* Impossible to read CAPTCHAs 
* Women posing with big-lipped duck faces 
* Mortgage lowering ads 
* Internet trolls 
* Epic fail memes 
* Robot saying "People who bought this, also liked this" 
One man is overwhelmed by all of this, so he turns to Squarespace to help with his web site.

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Click here. Click here. 
You may have a virus. You may already have a virus. 
31% off! 
Please "Like" this 
Lower your mortgage. 
I'm the Mayor 
People who bought this also bought this. 
We can't change what the web has become, but we can change what it will be. A better web starts with your web site. Squarespace

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Your Funny Words Here 
Welcome - You are the 31194347 Visitor 
Stockfoto X 
Are you sure you want to exit? OK Cancel 
16 people like this 
Security Check, xhgpy43, Text in the box xhgpy43, Submit,  
Get Gift Card Survey 
Test Your IQ Now 
Win Win Win 
Cash for Gold 
SSL Certificates 
Download Now 
Chat Now! Hot Local Singles 
Lower your bills 
Torrent Download Download 
Play Now 
Don't Feed The Trolls! 
Error 404 
Go, Cancel 
Epic Fail 
Squarespace, Square Space 
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