"The ad Newcastle made to prepare you for the ad we didn't make" 
So, Newcastle, the company that makes Newcastle Brown Ale doesn't have the budget to make a Super Bowl ad, so they made an ad about what they would have done if they were going to make one. Since they don't have the money, the commercial consist of drawings done in colored pencils.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Battle apes, party sharks, friendship, Keyshawn Johnson as a skateboarding cat, girls in bikinis fighting giant robots through the power of dance. See the mega huge football game ad that Newcastle Brown Ale would have made if we had a mega huge marketing budget. It would have sold so much beer. Thousands of beers. Watch it at

Written Text

Mega Huge Football Game Ad 
The one and only Newcastle Brown Ale 
Newcastle No Bollocks 
Watch it at

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