"Slow Clap - CarMax Big Game Commercial 2014" 
This 2014 Super Bowl commercial starts with a man who just finished buying his car from CarMax. He tells the salesman that he's happy he started the car buying process with this company. The salesman starts "slow clapping". Soon other sales staff and customers on the car lot begin slow clapping as well. As the man drives off, everyone he passes continues clapping including the mail man, a football player and cheerleader, two girls running a lemonade stand, an old man getting rescued by a fireman, a dad helping his son learn to ride a bike (the little boy falls), participants in a pie eating contest, the actor (Sean Astin) who played "Rudy" in the film of the same title, a park ranger and a black bear, a man working in his yard, a cherub statue, a doctor, a beekeeper, a karate blackbelt, a life guard as well as numerous other people waiting in his driveway when he gets his new car home.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You really did have my perfect car. I'm so glad that I started here.

Written Text

Drive Safely 
The Auto Superstore 
Lemonade 25c 
Pie Eating Contest! 
CarMax, Car Max 
Start Here.

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