There are key moments when you 3G drops out. 
In these moments, be smart: Phone! 
118 118 is always there to connect you accurately and efficiently with the right service for your needs! Got your back! 
"FREEZE - Frozen Cyclist 30s"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Work or phone, 118? 
Tough choice. 
He's lost his 3G, 118. 
I thought he'd lost his keys.  
He has, 118. 
He needs a number, fast. 
So he called us, 118. 
You can't call the where. 
Cheers, mates. 
Got your back. 
Got your back. 
Got your back. 
Got your back, too. 
Got your back. 
Got your back!

Written Text

Man In A Jam 
Paddy Locke 
Pat G Coveridge 
Locksmith brought to you by 
118 118

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