"The Perks of Being a Wallflower Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Emma Watson Movie HD" 
This commercial shows a shy, lonely boy who doesn't have any friends. Then one day, he makes a few (including a character played by Emma Watson), and we see their story.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Dear Friend, I haven't really talked to anyone outside of my family all summer, but tomorrow is my first day, and I really want to turn things around this year. 
You know, they say if you make one friend on you first day you're doing okay. 
Hey freshman toad. 
Come on! Hop! Let's move it boys. 
If my English teacher's the only friend I make today, that would be sort of depressing. 
So Charlie, this is what fun looks like. 
The island of misfit toys. 
Do you like football? 
Love it. 
Be agressive, passive agressive. 
What is she doing? 
Don't worry. She does it all the time. 
Do you think if people knew how crazy you really were, no one would ever talk to you? 
Come on, let's go be psychos together. 
So what are you gonna do when you get out of this place? 
I really want to be a writer, but I don't know what I'd write about. 
You could write about us. 
Call it "Slut and the Falcon". Make us solve crimes. 
Woo! C-. Ladies and gentlemen, I am below average. Below average! 
Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we are nothing? 
We accept the love we think we deserve. 
We see things. We understand. You're a wallflower. 
I didn't think anyone noticed me. 
I know there are people so say all these things don't happen. Who know these will all be stories one day. But right now, we are alive, and in this moment I swear we are infinite. 
It's time to begin, isn't it? 
I get a little bit bigger, but then I'll admit 
I'm just the same as I was 
Now don't you understand 
That I'm never changing who I am

Written Text

Summit Entertainment 
A Lionsgate Company 
Charlie never stood out 
Mill Grove High School Homecoming 
Until he found friends that let him in 
Patrick, Sam 
This Fall 
From the producers of "Juno" 
Based on the critically acclaimed novel 
Nothing Hates U 
Happy New Year 
The Perks of Being a Wallflower 
Coming soon 
Join the Wallflowers on Facebook 

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