The commercial begins with a view of the Hollywood sign. A man, sits in an office, typing on his laptop, writing a screenplay, taking a moment to have a sip of the Diet Coke sitting on his desk. A group of people, actors, stand outside of a studio. As one man waits, he reads a script, drinking a Diet Coke. A production crew sets up for a movie shoot. The lighting and camera crew are all hard at work, taking time to stop at a cooler to grab an ice cold Diet Coke. A stunt man wearing a tuxedo jumps from a cliff, wearing a harness, landing on a soft pad. A blonde woman is holding a Diet Coke bottle, with a straw, as the costume crew puts the finishing touches on her, zipping up her long, silver dress. A crew puts up a new billboard for a movie. A Diet Coke cup is being filled at a soda fountain, in a movie theater, where the theater is crowded with people watching a movie.

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Diet Coke 
Coming Soon to a Theater Near You 
Not all stars appear on screen. 

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