"Reebok Classics and Alicia Keys: Girl Inspired" 
This commercial featuring R&B singer, Alicia Keys shows off some of her signature Reebok collection. We see string, independent women playing streetball, dancing, riding motorcycles, painting, playing the cello, and Alicia Keys herself boxing and singing. 
Reebok and Alicia Keys have a new and exciting partnership and design collaboration. Alicia's first project with Reebok is the launch of her own signature collection, which includes a new take on the Freestyle Hi (also known as the 5411), Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim and Princess.  
To support the launch of her new Reebok Classics signature collection, Alicia Keys is featured in this TV commercial directed by Samuel Bayer. Set to an exclusive version of her upcoming new single, Girl on Fire, the story showcases how Alicia inspires and empowers women through her soul-searching journey to the top. The story takes place in the world's greatest canvas and Alicia' hometown -- New York City.

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Living in a world that's on fire 
So bright she could burn your eyelids 
You better look the other way 
He'll never forget my name, uh uh 
She's on top of the world 
The hottest of the hottest girl 
We got our feet on the ground 
Like a match to a flame

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Reebok Classics 
Alicia Keys

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