A small Asian man (stand-up comedian, Dat Phan), pets his Koi fish, which appears to be enormous, due to the unusually small stature of the man, who calls himself a "whale", because of his big gambling winnings. The "whale" walks through his house, followed by two girls, one blonde, one brunette, wearing white bikini bottoms and white button-down shirts, tied at their waists, carrying a bamboo pole and the other a remote control. The "whale" flops down on his couch, sitting in front of a giant Panda named Coco, watching 'Rango' on television as Coco eats the bamboo stick.

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It's a funny puzzler. I am small, but all the world call me whale. Because I'm big boy at the casino, everything I do is crazy big. So when DirecTV offer me biggest most popular TV package and best price ever, I go all in. The whale don't hesitate. You know what I'm talking about, right Coco? 
Now get the best offer of the year. Call 1-800-DIRECTV

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The best offer of the year 

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