"Magnum Leap" 
Traffic is backed up as far as the eye can see on a California coastal highway. Actress Rachel Bilson is sitting in traffic, in her black convertible when she spots a Magnum ice cream truck ahead of her in the stopped traffic. 
She takes her shoes off, puts her purse in the seat next to her and climbs out of the car, walking on the hood, jumping to the next car, over a police car, and continues walking over the cars in line as other drivers watch her. The Magnum Ice Cream Truck driver sees her in his rear view mirror and gets out of the cab of the truck to meet her at the back of the trailer. He opens the back of the truck, and as the fog clears, Rachel's eyes get wide and she smiles as she sees the truck's contents - wall to wall boxes of Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream bars. The truck driver hands her an ice cream bar, and she closes her eyes, savoring the first decadent bite of her treat on a Popsicle stick. Soon, other drivers have abandoned their cars and are running toward the ice cream truck for their own Magnum Ice Cream bar. 
Rachel Bilson won┬╣t let anything get in her way of reaching her ultimate pleasure, Magnum ice cream. A delicious chocolatey desert perfect on a hot summer day.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Nothing will keep you from Magnum. Silky vanilla bean ice cream and rich caramel sauce, all covered in thick Belgian chocolate. Now available for the first time in America. New Magnum. 
I'm your steel lover 
Hear me now, baby, can't you see 
Baby ??? ??? ??? now 
You're feelin' the flow 
You're runnin' baby, run away

Written Text

Magnum Ice Cream 
Magnum Double Caramel 
For Pleasure Seekers 
Agency: Lola (Madrid).  
Music: Supercharango.

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