AirPods Pro — Jump

Turn the world into your playground with AirPods Pro.

Guy walks around town jumping rope with anything he finds. He even starts pulling the tubes from a neon sign, the stripes from a barber pole, and the painted lines from the road to jump.

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“Fallin' Apart" (feat. Denzel Curry and Pell) by Young Franco Young Filipe, Never been concerned about the he say she say, Look inside my bank account you see its my Bday Everyday, all day, but I do not eat cake, And I do not see hate Stink meaner, my demeanor with the Nina Señoritas wanna meet me at the Catalina Wine mixer, mix it up with my elixir Overlooking the ocean I'm hoping I see Flipper Young Filipe, Moving like its GTA, but not CJ more like Tommy, Copy, Facts Spacy homie you can call me Drax Win every single track and you know its bout to slap, uh Things are falling apart, [YO!] Cost of living is getting so high Turn up say they want fire, Let it burn up, Try to break my habits but somedays I gotta burn up, I was writing bout tomorrow when today called, Throwing curves at a brother no baseball, We work through it hashtag no days off, Feeling high feeling blessed, Gotta thank God, Dudes hating on my lines, hope it pays off, Know I got dope in my quotes, Speech napalm, So before you wanna ride, check ya breaks, Y'all on very thin ice with some really cheap skates, uh What's in my wallet, The keys to they heart is a deposit. Things are falling apart, Oh yeah! [TRANSPARENCY TONE] [CHEERING] [NOISE CANCELLATION TONE] Turn up Oh yeah!

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