Canyon of Heroes: A Tribute to Our Brave Healthcare Heroes

Throughout New York’s history, Broadway has served a special role in celebrating champions of our state. In those moments, the avenue has been transformed into a “Canyon of Heroes.” To thank our healthcare heros for the hard work, sacrifice and bravery they show every day, this video extends the “Canyon of Heroes” to the doors of every hospital in New York.

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Heroes walk this canyon. The greatest of them - soldiers, astronauts, icons which have shaped this world. Its walls have rung with the roars of appreciation, and the thunder of admiration since the birth of New York. And now there are new heroes to celebrate. Who stood by us. Who stood with us. Who held our hands - often for our last breaths. And because of them, this canyon of heroes has been extended all through the city and beyond. And even though ticker tape might not be falling, and currently the windows are still closed, the thunder can be heard - and will be for generations to come.


New York

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Welcome Astronauts
The Bronx loves you
Thank you healthcare workers
We love Nyack Hospital
To our brave healthcare heroes. Montefiore thanks you for healing New York.
Montefiore / Einstein

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