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One last thing, I'd like to introduce our new social media manager, Lilly. 
Do you know what's going on? 
The servers are down. Welcome to the team. 
Lilly, tough day, huh? 
Uh, it was a great day. 
Get ready 'cause here I come 
Gonna move a mountain 
Stand in the middle of a hurricane 
Look it right in the eye 
Get ready cause here I come 
Moving so fast, can't get enough 
Get ready cause here I come 
I'll make the world go round 
Gonna take the sunshine 
Light up the night 
Ain't nothing gonna wear me down 
Get ready cause here I come 
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Written Text

Have a good First Day! You've got this. 
Shout Outs 
Your app isn't working 
Web site is down. We're fixing it as fast as we can. 
We know this is affecting your ability to get things done. 
Hell, Mr. Temen. We've identified the problem and should have it fixed in less than an hour. 
Thanks for your patience everyone. 
Write at the speed of life 

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