The official #GameOfThrones Series 6 trailer.  
Starts 25 April. #GoTAtlantic 
"Game of Thrones S6 Trailer - Starts 25 April"

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He's gone. 
We're the only ones who matter, and everything they've taken from us, we're going to take back and more. 
The great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie. 
Every one of us is poor and powerless, yet we can overthrow an empire.  
You're in the great game now. And the great game is terrifying.  
Order your man to step aside or there will be violence. 
I choose violence.  
I've never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you're about to see.  
(Lyrics) The world was on fire 
No one could save me but you 
It's strange what desire will make foolish people do 
What a wicked game you play to make me feel this way 
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you 
No, I wanna fall in love with you 
Nobody loves no one

Written Text

Game Of Thrones 
Exclusively On Sky Atlantic 
New Season Starts April 25

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