Some bonds are truly unbreakable. Like the one between a boy and his dog Duck. To keep him healthy and active at every stage of life, there's IAMS. Ideal nutrition so you can always look forward to what's next. 
"A Boy and His Dog Duck. IAMS. Good for Life."

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Let's go, Duck! 
Do you wanna know a secret, Duck?  
Come here, Duck! 
Aw, Duck! 
What do you think, Duck? 
You can do it, Duck.  
Hey! Why the name Duck? 
Hey, buddy. This is Duke.  
Hi, Duck. 
Wait for me, Duck! Wait for me! 
(Lyrics) Come along with me 
We have all we'll ever need 
Today's the day when we'll rise forever 
On our way we go, along a winding road 
The sunshine will last forever 
I'll be with you always 
I'll be with you today 
I'll be with you always 
I'll be with you today

Written Text

Good For Life

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