"Off the Grid" 
Have you ever tried ordering pizza online and ten minutes later you're still trying to complete your order? Forget those online ordering hassles. Simply walk into Little Saesars and pick up a large, Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza for just 5 bucks. No calling ahead or waiting, just walk in and dinner's ready... Hot-N-Ready. Plus, at $5 for a large pepperoni pizza, it's no wonder Little Caesars has been voted "the best value in America" seven years in a row.

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What a hassle! This pizza web site wants our password, coupon code, and credit card number. That's it! We're going off the grid! 
We could've just picked up a Hot and Ready pizza from Little Caesars. 
That's it! We're going back on the grid. 
Five dollar, large pizza it's here. 
$5 every day of the year. 
$5 hot and ready to go. 
$5 Little Caesars Pizza show 
Pizza Pizza

Written Text

Little Caesars Pizza 
$5 Hot-N-Ready Classic

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