Ub Iwerks created this 1934 Cinecolor cartoon based on the story entitled The Brave Tin Soldier. The cartoon's plot is slightly different from the original story. The antagonist is not a Jack-in-the-Box, but rather a toy king who wants the ballerina for himself. The tin soldier attacks the king, and as a result is put on trial and sentenced to death via firing squad. The ballerina pleads for his life to be spared, but her pleas go ignored. She then stands alongside the tin soldier and both are shot into a burning fireplace, where he melts into the shape of a heart with her. The cartoon has a happy ending, as both the tin soldier and ballerina are sent to "Toy Heaven", where the tin soldier now has both legs. 
Hammering away at his desk all day 
Sits the toymaker working on his toys 
Soldiers bright and neat 
Now the set's almost complete 
So to bring lots of fun to little boys 
Careful mister toymaker, careful please I beg 
Oh now you've dropped a soldier and you see you've broke his leg 
Into the basket the poor tin soldier goes 
The toymaker is sleepy 
Leave the seat to dream and doze 
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock 
Honey boy. 
Poor tin soldier, poor tin soldier. 
Ha ha ha ha he he he he 
He's only got one leg! He's only got one leg! 
Awww, poor soldier. 
Poor tin soldier, poor tin soldier. 
Order in the court! Order in the court! 
Guilty or not guilty? 
Objection sustained. 
You're guilty. 
Objection overruled. 
You are guilty. 
Give him a fair trial, and then we'll shoot him. 
Spare him. Spare him. 
Bah! Execute him! 
Execute him! 
Execute him! 
Spare him! Spare him! 
With toy heaven does this story end 
With ? and much laughter 
The brave tin soldier has his other leg again 
With his ? he is happy ever after 
P.A. Powers presents a ComiColor cartoon produced by Ub Iwerks 
The Brave Tin Soldier 
Animation by Jimmie Culhane & Al Eugster 
Musical Score by Art Turkisher 
Toymaker, Soldier Paint, Tin Soldiers, Waste 
Nuts, Matches, Torpedoes 
Dolly, Sale 
Toy Heaven 
The End

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