What songs have been played in Prada Commercials?

Title Artist(s) Year Used
Psychedelic Skyperformed by Pat West and Vasco2019
Oxbow Bperformed by Lorn2017
Can't Help Falling in Loveperformed by Perfume Genius2016
Psyche Rockperformed by Pierre Henry2016, 2014
Individualityperformed by Siglo XX2015
Headed for the Sunperformed by Murk.FM2015
The Other Songperformed by Spirit2015
Anaestheticperformed by Arca2015
Unknownperformed by Richard Day2015
Rostroperformed by Murcof2014
Unknownperformed by WeAreCottonClub2014
La Femmeperformed by La Femme2014
Nautilusperformed by Anna Meredith2014
Das Rheingold: Preludeperformed by Richard Wagner2013
L'idoleperformed by Jacques Dutronc2013
Unknowncomposed by Alessandro Casella and Randall Poster2013
Shallow Then Haloperformed by Cocteau Twins2013
Runnin' Wildperformed by Marilyn Monroe2012

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